Friday, May 14, 2010

new giveaway!

I know that I've really been slacking off with my blog- We're (my husband and I) are fixing up our house and with summer coming up and my oldest daughter getting out of school soon it has been absolutely insane around here!!

So, as I promised.... a giveaway! Rules are pretty easy (like usual)- just add a comment to this post and you MUST be a follower on my blog. :)

You're asking yourself.... "What is this crazy girl giving away this time around??"..... well, it's on of my favorite things: a wallet! They're so cute and fun AND functional. Who wouldn't want one???

This one is up for grabs:

The last day of the giveaway is going to be May 28th! So that gives you two whole weeks to enter and tell all of your fabulous friends about it.


  1. Laci <3's your stuff... and free stuff.

  2. You're too silly! And it's looking like your chances of winning are pretty good! lol

  3. Lovely wallet. Trying my luck at winning... :O)
    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. I never even saw this post! haha... anyway, here I am. :D

    miss you!

  5. I miss you too Amy!!!!! I just hardly get the chance to go into chat anymore.... you need to start emailing me! :)