Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Birthday a Few Days Late

I've never really been one to celebrate birthdays (at least not my own). I love to bake, but hate to eat cake. The thought of opening presents and having to make the "Oh my goodness I love it!" face (when it's a God awful sweater that your aunt made- oh yes, it has a dog on it too! lol).... it just never turns out.

There are all of these expectations that you feel like the day has to live up to, and let's face it, it never does.

This is why my husband is so wonderful. I take him out with me and he buys me what I pick out. I get my present immediately (a wonderful pair of gray Uggs). Now, I know that these boots are pretty darn ugly, but when you have cold feet all the time, they're worth wearing.

My folks have taken to sending me money. God love them! So I went out and bought a much coveted bag.... one that I've been wanting for years and years but just couldn't bring myself to spend 300.00 on one. BUT! I found it on sale for half off. And since it was half off, why not a wallet too?

And isn't this just the most adorable wallet?

I picked a pink one, of course. So it was an expensive birthday, and I'm quite grateful of all my little goodies. I even treated myself to a little shopping spree of clothes- new jeans were needed, and a few sweaters.

Then my husband and the kids (and myself, of course) all went out to dinner and had the embarrassing "birthday singing" from the waiters (boy I don't miss having to do that).

One of the best birthdays I have ever had! I just thought that I would share it all with you!

Maybe when we get up to Ohio we'll have a real hoe-down kind of party that will bring Georgia to shame. Now THAT'S that I'm looking forward to!


  1. Happy birthday! You picked out such fabulous gifts :)

  2. Happy be-lated birthday!! I do the same with my hubby- he does not mind not having to figure out what I want and I get to choose something I actually want. Your purse is gorgeous! Great buy!!