Friday, February 5, 2010


I waited and waited and mulled over it for weeks.... but I finally broke down and bought a sweet little doll from Evangelione's shop on etsy!

Her name is Audrey and she is adorable

and I figured, why now get a little bow.....

I have no clue if it's for the doll or for a "real" person.... maybe it will give me some incentive to grow out my hair (which I keep wanting to do, but give up when it gets to that weird in between stage).

I am so excited that Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I love making little Valentine's Day mail boxes with Layla and this year I convinced her that we should make valentines for her class instead of getting store bought ones. Etsy has a tutorial on matchbook valentines, so I think we're going to make these and fill them with little conversation hearts!!

I think that they'll look so sweet and all the little girls in her class will love them!! I'm so glad that she's finally at that age where we can start crafting together.

On another note, I have pulled up in another tab..... I'm trying to justify buying 70.00 worth of fabric.... hmmmm....


  1. Omg! I ALMOST bought her Audrey today before she sold out!!!! hahahahha!! How funny it was you who bought her. Instead, I requested a custom doll from her. One just like this:

    But I had her make the shirt a little longer like a mini-dress, and also I had her make the doll hold a tiny suitcase. I'm just waiting for the listing so I can buy it- I'm sooooo excited!

  2. That's too funny! I sat here in front of the computer for, like, 20 minutes debating over whether or not I should buy her!! And then I did. I'm too excited!!!

    That doll is too cute!! And it soooo looks like something you would get! :)