Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cleaning our scary yard

Here's some major progress that we've made since my friend came into town. In all seriousness, the yard was a disaster area and you wouldn't believe the amount of crap that we have torn down, disposed of, raked up, and given away to people that love broken shit that is falling apart.... go figure.

This is the stump that I hate and will be killing this weekend.

Just a small bit of trash that we've found. Note all the randomness.

Layla helping clean up the "Scary Shed".

The "Scary Shed" that I refuse to tear down. I just think it looks kind of cool. My husband disagrees.

This weekend we will be taking down trees, tilling the lawn and planting grass. It's going to rock. Thinking back...... now I know why we got this house for so cheap.

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