Thursday, March 25, 2010

This week

was filled with cutting down a lot of stuff in my backyard. If you go back a few posts, you'll see some of the before pictures (they aren't actually before pictures since we cleaned up the yard a bit before they were taken, but you get the idea.).

I got to use a chainsaw for the first time (only for about 5 minutes before it was taken away- I'm pretty accident prone)- and it felt awesome!

This is my husband appearing to be manly. :)

This is Jesse (my husband) and Mark (my dad's partner) tearing stuff down. My dad, the kids and I all sat on the porch and watched. It was good entertainment.

That's Mattie (with her little puppy Sugar), my dad, and Layla (my oldest daughter with her puppy Pepper).

It was a wonderful week filled with yard work, a lot of sewing (work), and my dad's incredibly wonderful food (which I miss SOOOOOO much!).

Now we have a ton of brush that's going to be disposed of this weekend. That should be fun. Who wants to help???

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