Sunday, June 27, 2010

Can you believe all these kids???

My two little girls went down to Florida earlier this month (for a whole two weeks!) to visit Grandma. We took that time to renovate their bathroom (for the most part... there's still little things to fix up) and slack off. Like sleep until 3pm just because we could (when I say we, I mean me!).

Anyhow, my husband and I drove down there to pick them up and my sister brought over her brood of kids. There are six of them- I know when I tell my friends this, they do a double take. But it's completely different actually seeing it.

Here they are, all the grandkids....

So, there we have it.... in order from left to right.....Layla (my oldest at 7 years old) holding Ariana (my sister's youngest at 6 months), Jaden (my sister's oldest at 4 years old), Preston (my sister's oldest boy at 3 years old), Braylen (my sister's again.... he's standing in the back- he's about 13 months old..... I can't really keep track), Avery- wearing all the anti-drowning swimwear (my sister's other boy at 2 years old), Mattie (my youngest at 3 years old), and Jordan (my sister's other girl at 3 years old).

Can you believe it? I can't. Swimming with eight kids was stressful. Especially since most of them cannot swim and my husband kept trying to get pictures of me in a swimsuit (sorry, buddy- it's just not happening.).

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