Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The money pit

All of my friends know that my husband and I bought a house last year..... and it seems that we have bought the dreaded money pit. I KNEW we should have bought that other house that was only 10 grand more and didn't need any work! :)

So for the last year we've been fixing this poor old house up. Honestly, I can't believe what a fresh coat of paint can do! But the bathrooms, oh you poor bathrooms.... I didn't mean to yell at you, I swear that I didn't mean to hurt your feelings when I started crying when the wallpaper wouldn't come off. But we're almost there. The end is in sight. We've finished with the bedrooms:

(Layla's room)

(Mattie's room)

(my bedroom)

We ripped up the carpeting from the living room and hallways and put in hardwood. Let's just say that I really really don't miss all that vacuuming!

And the front yard was scary. Talk about overgrown plants (which were all mismatched and evil!!! evil evil scary plants)......... a plumbing leak, and a barren front porch....

We are almost finished with the front bathroom- I just need to caulk, put up one more coat of paint, and hang some pictures. (Then I can show you how pretty it turned out!). Also, grouting sucks and I'm never attempting that again. :)


  1. I share your pain- except I feel we will never be completely finished and I'm starting to think I might be tired enough to be okay with that :) Your home looks fabulous! I love how calm and comfortable your bedroom looks and I LOVE the colorful bedrooms- how sweet!

  2. Wow, everything looks awesome! I love that interesting green shelf with the books on it, and your bedroom is divine! I love how I can see etsy things in these pics. :D

  3. Thanks guys!
    And yes, I do buy a lot of stuff on etsy to decorate with! lol I'm addicted and need help!