Wednesday, November 4, 2009

good eats

If you know me, you'd laugh at the thought of me in the kitchen cooking dinner. I mean, I can barely make spaghetti! But when my friend Amy over at PonderandStitch showed me this recipe I knew that I had to try it! Cheddar Chicken and Pasta.... YUM!

It didn't take any time at all to make AND my husband loved it (and he won't touch anything that I cook these days!)! After dinner we all had to go out in the living room to lie down on the couch because we ate so much. My husband promptly fell into a cheddar chicken coma and fell asleep. :) I made a double batch, thankfully, so there will be leftovers for tonight.

Get the recipe here

Seriously, Amy, you HAVE to try this!!!


  1. Yayyy!! I will TOTALLY try it. Maybe tonight! Yes- tonight. I will go get the ingredients on my lunch break! :)

  2. Hi Rachel! I came over from Amy's blog to say hello and I just have to say that your children are adorable!!! I love your creations in your etsy store too!!!

  3. Ooh that sounds delicious! And easy to make? Excellent! I'm just learning to find my way around a kitchen (aside from baking), so it's baby steps for me :) I'll definitely bookmark the recipe.

  4. I'm over from Ponder & Stitch, too! Happy blogging~ your site and shops look wonderful, and your children are adorable!

  5. Hi there=) I am from Amy as well...just had to see this recipe and your blog!1 Love both, so will be visiting often=)
    Will try this tasty recipe as well.
    Best wishes.

  6. mmmm.. that looks so yummy! I will definately have to try it!

    btw... my daughters name is Layla too...small world!

    HAve a wonderful day!
    Gretchen aka Prettylittlepearl

  7. Hi! I came over from Ponder and Stitch and I am so happy I did. Your blog is so great and I LOVE your Etsy store. Adorable items!!

    OOh this dish loosk so Yummy!! I think I am going to have to get this recipe too!! :)