Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Imagine the horror I felt last summer as I pulled up to my favorite yarn store (and ONLY yarn store in town) and it was no longer there! How, yarn store, how could you not let me know that you were closing? Where will I be able to get super soft organic undyed yarn now? HOW could you do this to me??? Sigh. I'm one of those people that actually has to touch and feel and, well, molest yarn before I buy it. I didn't know what I was going to do. I mean, I only had so much yarn..... I knew that I would somehow have to ration it (and that would be near impossible with fall coming up).


I put my faith in etsy sellers. Which, frankly, was very hard to do with my yarn problem. Over the last couple of months I have found the most amazing yarn!!

Organic undyed cotton yarn from Myrtille at SpinSpanSpun


70% Merino wool and 30% Silk handspun by my dear from Laci over at EllyYarn

This next one I bought 6 or so months back, and I truly love it in a way that is completely unnatural. But I'm okay with that!

I LOVE art yarn. I usually pair it with another yarn, always to get amazing results. Thank you so much twirlgirlfibers over at etsy!


  1. The yarn in that last photo looks awesome! And it sucks when your favorite store is suddenly gone- I HATE that!

  2. I LOVE buying yarn from other Etsians, they are so unique and beautiful :)

  3. Your yarn finds are really yummy! The photos are so good that you can really imagine petting these little skeins and adopting them into your stash!