Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Super easy giveaway- all you have to do is join to be a follower on my blog and post any sort of comment under this post and you'll receive not one, not two, but THREE bars of my Nag Champa soap!!!

Let's give it until the first and I'll announce the winner!

I mean, come on, who doesn't want to smell like a hippie?


  1. I'm a follower! I was just looking on SOH at your bags... those are SO FAB! Random, but I was on etsy today looking at bags with that exact shape as the oversizes ones w/ pleats. I think I would like one with inner pockets, though. I loose everything!

    I am lol @ 'who doesn't want to smell like a hippie?' haha! Do you read my blog? Long story short I have been working on becoming a vegan this year. It's an ongoing process for sure. I was doing well then wasn't but hopefully I'm doing well again! I still can't get past vegans and Birkenstocks, hugging trees etc lol! Totally not me :) BUT I think I would do better at my healthy eating if I embraced hippieness and smelled like one! haha!

    Sorry for the longest comment ever lol! I love both your shops and I hope I win Nag Champa!

  2. I would totally LOVE to smell like a hippie!!!

  3. Just found your Etsy shop and I'm in love with your wallets, etc. Followed the blog and would love to win! Your stuff is great! :)

  4. Hi Laura! And WELCOME!!!! I have a ton of this Nag Champa soap, so you never know.... we might just have some extra winners!

  5. me, pick me! i love the hippie smell!
    xoxo, susie