Wednesday, February 10, 2010

laci needs to reopen her etsy shop....

My friend, Laci spins the most incredible yarn! I was so excited when she decided to take up this new craft so I could get my yarn through her. My yarn shop in town (where I used to get my handspun and organic yarn) had closed down, without giving me ANY notice, a few months earlier. So I was really (probably overly) excited about it. To my complete and utter dismay, she closed her etsy shop just after a few months.


at least I can get her yarn here

I just got in a new hank of yarn from her today- which was such a nice surprise since it wasn't just bills in the mailbox.

Isn't that just yummy looking????

Now, I feel that it is my duty to bug her like crazy to re-open her etsy shop. Who's with me???


  1. Oh, it is gorgeous!!

    Although I don't use yarn I'm for her opening up her etsy shop. (: I'm sure it would sell!

    Or maybe artfire? You don't have to pay anything to sell it. She should definitely consider these; so when people search for BEAUTIFUL YARN she comes up. (:

  2. Artfire is a GREAT IDEA!!!! I'll have to email her about that!